FERPA compliance statement

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FERPA compliance statement

In this document, 'CampusVibe' and 'CampusVibe.ca' are products owned by 3rd Age Sytems, Inc. and may be used synonymously with '3rd Age Systems, Inc.' where appropriate.

At CampusVibe we take studentsā€™ privacy very seriously and are compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

CampusVibe is a campus social network. All student information within the CampusVibe system is provided voluntarily by each student. Students are not required to provide educational content in order to participate in CampusVibe. Student records kept on CampusVibe may include:

Personal or biographical data as gathered through the registration process
Event, club and discussion group memberships and participation data

Students can directly view and update much of their personal or participation data or have their information updated by contacting the respective club or event organizers or administrators.

Please view our Privacy Policy for more information regarding how we share or use your information.